What do DigiLink's customers have to say about us?

Tony and Lyle-

Thank you both very much for your help last night in tracking down the mysterious port 445 demons. This is a perfect example of why Maguire Partners continues to associate itself with class A businesses like DigiLink. If it wasn't for you two (and the rest of your team) our WAN and LAN management would not be nearly as solid as it is.

I appreciate the time you two gave me.

Alex Moratorio
IS Administrator
Maguire Partners

DigiLink is always at the top of my list when it comes to ISP services

Jay Papke
Off Road Unlimited

I wanted to express my satisfaction with your company and it's staff. I have been a consultant for 5 years now and work with many companies and their support staff. DigiLink has demonstrated a professional attitude and treatment of our company and our clients' needs. Particularly in the technical support department. They are always very helpful, patient and willing to resolve any problems. I am a true believer of giving credit where credit is due. Thank you for your help and the high quality of services you have provided.

Gary Shermer
Faye, Pollack & Associates Inc.

It's rare that I ever have anything good to say about ISP's, long distance companies, frame providers, etc. Anything involving telecommunications has always been a hassle and a nightmare.

I must say though, you guys are a breath of fresh air. I was extremely impressed by Digilink's professionalism, efficiency, and speed. It was exactly what I needed at that urgent time and I thank all of you for your help.

Brian Echard
Sr. Sys. Administrator

What do DigiLink's customers have to say about us?

As before, I am a very happy customer who counts himself fortunate to have my stuff on your site.

John Wentworth
The Wentworth Company, Inc.

I searched long & hard for a good ISP. I went through the .boom & then the .bust of the late 90s and went through 2 ISP meltdowns. I found DigiLink through a professional referral. I am part of an IT Managers Group & it was through that entity that I found Digilink.

DigiLink is willing to implement services not listed on the menu. If I have a problem or technology need, they are willing to go to the drawing board and see how, if possible, they can help me.

DigiLink's backup to my T1 has been especially helpful. Having the transition to my ISDN line being seamless to me & my users is especially nice. My IP infrastructure does not change.

Kevin Gibb
Duncan & Associates

Greif & Co. has been a DigiLink customer for over eight years. In that time we have never experienced an interruption in service. That's all that counts. We contract for a certain bandwidth and that's what we get.

Technical support and customer service have seldom been needed, but always available and highly effective. DigiLink has seamlessly handled all aspects of providing our service including interfacing with our RBOC for the necessary tie-lines as well as all of our hardware requirements, providing a complete turnkey solution.

Your product is the best and your people even better. Keep up the good work and thank you for being such an important part of our growth.

Jourdi de Werd
Co-Founder & Managing Director
Greif & Co.