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DigiLink Frequently Asked Questions.

Q. How do I contact DigiLink Technical support if I have questions about my internet connection?
A. Send an email to: [Support] , or phone our support line at: 888-905-9059

Q. What information do I need to provide when submitting a technical support request?
A. When submitting a service request online or by telephone, please provide the following information:
      Primary business phone number and legal business name.
      Current service provided by DigiLink
      Description of problem and symptoms of service provided by DigiLink
      Software versions and types of equipment

Q. Our company is using DigiDial-VoIP which allows us to receive our voicemail in our email inbox. With so many      features that help us run our business, do you have a user manual I can carry with me on business trips?
A. Along with 24/7 support for our customers, DigiLink provides a DigiDial-VoIP Voicemail Quick User Guide that can be
    printed and carried with you at all times. You may download it here:  DigiDial-VoIP Quick Reference Voice Mail Guide

Q. How do I contact DigiLink If I have questions about my current billing?
A. Send an email to: [Billing]

Q. If I'm looking to add a service or purchase new voice hardware, what number do I call for sales?
A. Sales (877) 801-8533