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What should I know first?

DSL has been evolving over the past decade, similar to most other technologies. It has been a process of change since the early days, formerly known as, "DSL Hell." However, there are still plenty of differences between excellent and weak providers.

Two Differences

The two main differences are, quality of tech support, and network design strategy. Level of tech support is crucial in keeping your service error free. One day, you will need support, and you want somebody experienced and reliable when you call for help. You will want someone that is capable of getting your Internet up as quickly and efficiently as possible. Network infrastructure is essential; it can not be stressed enough that quality DSL comes from an intelligently designed network. You want a company that has designed a system likely to have fewer problems.

With DigiLink you can rest assured that you are dealing with the highest level of customer service and a tightly configured network. Other competitors advertise faster speeds for lower prices, unfortunately this is just a detour to their congested highways. DigiLink is the best because we make sure that our DSL paths are not over crowded.

DSL Pathways

Think about DSL similar to roads. Just because you can go 65 miles an hour on the highway, doesn't mean you won't be stopped during rush hour, due to congestion. In the same way larger providers have crowded their circuits and are now letting their users fight for bandwidth. At DigiLink we make sure our users have plenty of bandwidth so that they can use their full speed.

Few customers are willing to pay extra, so superior service is hard to find. This is a common mistake amongst small business owners. It also validates the cliché, "You get what you pay for." DigiLink makes choosing an ISP easy as we give you the best money can buy at a price you can afford.

Avoid getting caught in a virtual traffic jam, sign up with DigiLink DSL today!