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The Birth Of A Great ISP!

In 1992, Bob, the founder of DigiLink, was providing Internet consulting services to business customers. During this time, widely used modem technology was proving to be unsustainable for business needs and Internet connectivity was still very unreliable. Bob knew there had to be a better way to get more stable connectivity. He came up with a plan to build his own Internet Service Provider and keep it digital. So, as the plan came together, DigiLink was born as the first all digital ISP in Los Angeles!

DigiLink started off with 10mbps of fiber connectivity to the Internet while most other ISPs of the time were using T1s (1.5mbps) or fractional T1s. While other ISPs were providing Internet service at 14.4kbps, DigiLink was providing 128Kbps Internet service. While others required you to “dial in” to get Internet access, DigiLink was pioneering bi-directional or “always on” Internet service. Over the years, DigiLink has maintained this pioneering spirit in the data and telecom world by always staying two steps ahead of the competition.

Today, this spirit can be found in many of the services that DigiLink is offering, including business class voice services, synchronous wireless and of course ultra reliable Internet connectivity.

In 1994, Bob’s vision became a reality when he started DigiLink and today DigiLink continues to deliver on that promise.

About DigiLink's Founder and CEO

DigiLink's obsession with sound engineering and precision crafted networks has led to a reputation as the place to go for businesses looking for solid business internetworking solutions. View Video

DigiLink's services fall broadly into three categories:

Our Marina del Rey, Ca location

Digilink Offices2

Digilink Offices3

We provide the ultimate in performance and reliability via a fusion of technology and a team of dedicated personnel. The network is designed to provide high bandwidth, low latency, minimal hops, security and redundancy. When you elect to tap into the Internet via DigiLink, you can rest assured that all aspects of your connectivity have been precisely engineered to deliver the cleanest, fastest, and most stable connection available. And with our experienced and skilled network engineers monitoring and administrating our systems, you can count on being in very good hands.

We invite you to learn why so many of Southern California's most astute businesses have done their homework and then chosen DigiLink: the Cure for the Common ISP.

Map of DigiLink location
4676 Admiralty Way Ste 408
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292-6605

Directions to DigiLink
4676 Admiralty Way Ste 408
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292-6605

The building in which we are located is home to the University of Southern California's Information Sciences Institute, one of the pioneers in the development of many of the technologies and protocols of the Internet. DigiLink maintains a high speed connection from our core network to ISI's "Los Nettos" network, among many others.