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Every modern business needs e-mail. However, for many businesses, the actual management of an e-mail server is an unnecessary headache.

With DigiLink's e-Mail Hosting service, your company can enjoy all the benefits of e-Mail without the hassle associated with the ongoing maintenance, backup, and upgrades associated with caring for the server. Even protecting the e-Mail server from viruses is in our court.

DigiLink can host your e-Mail services for you, on our lightning quick UNIX based mail servers, which are located in our Network Operations Center and maintained by our support team.

We support both the POP and IMAP mail protocols.

  • The POP protocol is a client-side service, i.e. when a user connects to the server mail is transmitted from the server to the user's computer, and is then typically removed from the mail server. Since the mail is not left on the server, users are less likely to run into a situation where they are using all of their allocated server space. POP is the most widely used protocol for server-to-user e-mail communications.
  • IMAP is a server-based protocol. Mail is typically left on the server, and can be organized into folders on the server. One advantage of IMAP is that, since it is a server based scheme, a user can check his or her e-mail from multiple computers if desired, and all of the mail is accessible from the server's data store. Note that a fixed amount of storage space is included in our IMAP services, so it is important to monitor user's usage of disk space so as to not run into a situation where a user is out of space.

In either case, DigiLink will host and maintain the mail server. As an administrator, you will be provided with a UserID and Password that will allow you to perform administrative account maintenance for your users. You will be able to add, modify, and delete accounts via a web interface. If you provide an electronic document (e.g. MS Excel) file with the Name, Username (, and desired password for each account, DigiLink will do the set up for the initial batch of mailboxes.

Included with Service

  • POP & IMAP support
  • 100 megabytes of server disk storage per mailbox
  • Access to mail via user's standards-based (POP or IMAP) mail client software (e.g. Outlook, Outlook Express, Entourage, Netscape, Apple Mail, Eudora, etc.)
  • Access to mail via the Web using DigiLink's web mail service
  • 24 x 7 technical support


  • Setup: $50 (customer sets up individual mailboxes) or
  • Setup: $50 + $1/mailbox (DigiLink sets up individual mailboxes from Customer-supplied spreadsheet of e-mail addresses and passwords)
  • Monthly: $30 per 10 mailboxes (sold only groups of 10)


  • Additional Storage: $6 per Gbyte per month

Note that a limited e-Mail Hosting package is included at no additional charge with most of our connectivity and web hosting packages.