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VoIP Home Office/Personal. What's the Buzz?...

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Connect to DigiLink and tap into an extremely well engineered and supported network.

Finally, We have an alternative to the expensive, home phone line and its limited uses. What is this new marvel? DigiDial's residential VoIP! Why pay for your cell phones and an expensive phone line, when you can save big, by using a DigiDial home VoIP line? A home VoIP line is economical and practical for your household. DigiDial offers an abundance of features that were previously only available through complex PBX systems or premium add-ons, from the local phone carrier.

Residential VoIP line..... The wave of the future!

The recent report by Frost & Sullivan, which projects that the number of residential VoIP users will shoot from 1.5 million last year to 18 million in 2010, with revenues rising from $295 million to over $4 billion in the same period. The trend is unmistakable, according to Lynda Starr, author of the report. "Residential VoIP is moving beyond the early adopter and becoming a mass market.

International Calling

Do you have a loved one that is living abroad? Why rack up a huge phone bill, or buy expensive calling cards, when you can talk for practically free using the DigiDial system? How it works: We can give you five local phone numbers for only five dollars, up to as many numbers as you need. You can distribute these amongst your friends and family as you see fit. Or if you prefer, you can keep your current number no problem. Your local number will ring on a VoIP phone anywhere in the world. Now you and your loved ones can talk unlimited for the same price, as if you were calling your next door neighbor.

If you are calling to different countries, DigiDial is still the best solution for your needs. We offer the lowest International rates.

Don't wait a moment longer, the sooner you call, the sooner we can save you and your family money!

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