DigiLink to Offer Emergency Internet Services
To Help Fire Victims

Marina del Rey Internet Service Provider Offers Web Services To Those With
Displaced Internet Infrastructure

MARINA DEL REY, Calif., Nov. 5 -- DigiLink, Southern California's premier Internet Service Provider, today announced that in response to the fire emergencies facing local residents and businesses that DigiLink will make certain services available to fire victims at no charge. DigiLink is offering web hosting, e-mail hosting and server co-location to those who have had their servers displaced by the disaster. These services, subject to certain limitations, are offered to victims at no charge. Setup fees are being completely waived, as are the first month's service charges. Any business affected by the fires wishing to take advantage of this offer should contact DigiLink for details and to coordinate immediate deployment.

DigiLink has made a donation to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund, and encourages all local businesses that are able to do the same.

Lessons to be Learned by the Public

This fire disaster, like the many others we face here in Southern California (including earthquakes, flooding, and power outages), should serve as a reminder of the need for emergency preparedness. When it comes to data services, a solid disaster recovery plan, together with preventative measures can mean the difference between sustaining your business or not.

DigiLink encourages everyone to explore ways to backup data and telecommunications infrastructure. Options include regular data backup, and even remote backup. DigiLink offers services whereby businesses can backup vital data remotely to secure servers at DigiLink-all over the Internet, with no need for tapes, or couriers. This places a copy of the vital data offsite- so if disaster wipes out a business location, the business' data is preserved.

Another way to increase network survivability is through redundant network links. DigiLink offers a complementary backup port for a second circuit to all of its high bandwidth customers.

Interested parties are invited to contact DigiLink for details and additional information: phone (877) 801-8533, or on the web at http://www.digilink.net

About DigiLink

Since 1994, DigiLink has stood alone as Southern California's premier Internet Service Provider. Founded by a networking engineer who couldn't find a reliable ISP for his clients, DigiLink's obsession with sound engineering and precision crafted networks has led to a reputation as the place to go for businesses looking for solid business internetworking solutions.

DigiLink's services include: High-bandwidth/low-latency network connectivity, including Internet connectivity and Wide Area Networks (Fiber, T3, T1, and, DSL); Server hosting and server co-location, including web hosting and e-mail hosting (with anti-virus/anti-spam service); and, Consulting, integration, and custom solutions.

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